How to get rid of constipation fast

What is constipation?

Constipation is basically a symptom that shows a decrease of the frequency of bowel movements. This condition is cause by less amount of water in the intestines. In a number of cases constipation can be caused by certain types of medications.


This article is going to serve as a proper guide that will explian ways of how to get rid of constipation fast.It is in fact very easy to relieve your constipation fairly faster through natural ways and products available all over the world:

Take a cup of coffee  

This is an incredible way of getting rid of constipation fast. Every single morning make sure you flush the intestines and then make a cup of coffee. You can also drink a cup of warm water to reduce the constipation.

Medical research has confirmed that caffeine found in coffee can greatly reduce constipation and improve the frequency of bowel movements

If you are not a coffee fan, you can replace coffee with a glass of green tea. Green possesses a very small amount of caffeine; therefore the results on the bowel movements won’t be as strong as the former.

Doctors have also recommended that diuretics like for instance alcohol and cola.

Drink carrot juice

The best thing about carrot is that they contain high amounts of fibers. You can prepare a cup of carrot juice during the day every day.

Note that you can also eat raw carrots. However, avoid taking cooked carrots. Carrots contain high fiber contents and so if cooked they can cause constipation. You can also eat other foods that are rich in fiber including vegetables.

You can also take fiber supplements if you cannot access fruits and vegetables.

Drink 2 glasses of prune juice/eat prunes

Prunes are rich in fiber and also have sorbitol. Sorbitol is important components that loosen stool and hence helps to relieve constipation.

Sorbitol is basically a mild stimulant (colonic) that helps the body to reduce transit duration therefore reducing the risk of having constipation.

If you do not like the texture of prune, you can alternatively prepare prune juice. When taking prune juice, drink one glass at a time-at one hour interval.


Did you know cherries are very rich in fibre? Well now you know. Cherries are in fact healthy fruits. You can take either cherry jam or cherry boil. The perfect time to take cherries is in the morning. You can also spread cherry jam on two slices of bread. This is actually a good way of starting your morning

Exercises and physical activities

Make sure that you avoid sitting down for longer periods. Keep your body on constant movement. Exercise on a regular basis. Remember moderate physical activities or exercises are always preferred.

A simple thirty minute walk can also help your body and hence improve healthy movements of the bowel.

Squat in a perfect position

Note that you should always squat in a natural manner in order to ease excretion. In order to be able to do this, pop your feet on a stool (preferably a child step stool) and raise the knees when sitting on the toilet. This is how to get rid of constaipation fast.


















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